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Nurse Refresher Courses: Need to take a Nurse Refresher or Nurse Remediation course for stipulations and don't have funds? No worries. We offer Financial Assistance for those that qualify and Payment Plans are also available for most courses and programs. Call or email today for more information.

New options for Flex Start Nurse Refresher online option available Nationwide.

Nurse Remediation courses for Stipulations

  • Houston/Stafford Nursing Jurisprudence & Ethics:  April 15 @ 9:30 am, or May 4

  • Houston/Stafford Medication Administration with clinicals: April 10 @ 9:30 am or May 3
  • Houston/Stafford: Physical Assessment with clinicals April 12 @ 9:30 am or May 6
  • Houston/Stafford: Nursing Documentation April 11 @ 9:30 am or May 7

Dallas Nurse Refresher and all Remediation courses starting March 25, 2019. Click calendar  above.   

Flexible Nurse Re-entry/Refresher Program available by correspondence and in class as well as Hybrid Programs for active nurses. Transition Nurse Program for nurses changing areas of practice including course didactic and specialized clinicals available in many areas like Day Surgery and Dialysis.

2 hour Nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics CE course available in person and online.

Nurses Click Here to read or Leave:  Student Testimonials 

Graduating Nurses post remarks here as well. Tell us about your experience while attending one of our Nurse Refresher Programs or other courses. Read other remarks about how we're doing. We look forward to hearing from you!

LVN & RN IV Therapy Certification -Stafford, Texas suburb of Houston, TX will be next held on  04/17/19 9:30 am Call or email for prices and more information. 

Next Houston/Stafford,Texas Nurse Refresher Program starts in  April 9, 2019 and Dallas/Fort Worth Nurse Refresher starts March 25,2019.

For dates visit the calendar page

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Out of state or Foreign Nurse Graduate in need of a customized program or preceptor for clinicals to complete supervised clinical hours needed to qualify for NCLEX? 
Yes, we offer this pathway to license program.

Need an individualized plan or mentor for your Board order? Yes, we do that.

Need a mentor or adviser to discuss your license situation? We can assist you in making critical decisions and picking an attorney. 

Burned out and tired of bedside care but, still want to make a difference? We have got the answer. Transition to a different area of practice! We have courses and clinicals in Case Management, Perioperative and Dialysis as well as other Specialty Areas.  Call or email for more information on PHES RN Case Management or Perioperative Preceptorship Program.

Clinicals agreements in place and available in many Texas cities in various areas of practice: home care, hospice, nursing homes, clinics, dialysis, hospital units throughout the state.

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Call to schedule to attend an Open House for Refresher Q & A and Tour. March 20th@ 11:30 am or May 10th in Stafford, Texas           Please RSVP to attend.

Please call first to set up tours, Open House and Instructor Conferences.

Professional Healthcare Education Service Inc.

3727 Greenbriar Dr. #403

Stafford, TX 77477 

By Email:

Course Coordinator: Cynthia Carradine -
Director of Education: Yvette Cheeks -

877-313-7437 Toll Free
281-313-7437 Houston 
281-313-7470 Fax


Q & A

Yvette Cheeks, Director of Nursing Education, answers questions in reference to nursing educational classes provided by PHES Online.

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Patient Non-Compliance


Yvette Cheeks, Director of Education, discusses Non Compliance issues from a recent Pharmacology course offered by PHES Online.

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  Therapeutic Index

  Yvette Cheeks, Director of Education, speaks on Therapeutic Index from       this years Pharmacology course offered by PHES Online.

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 Contact us for Nurse Refresher courses and nurse remediation courses:

Professional Healthcare Education Service Inc.

3727 Greenbriar Dr. #403

Stafford, TX 77477 


877-313-7437 Toll Free
281-313-7437 Houston 
281-313-7470 Fax

Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc.(PHES), focuses on the educational needs of healthcare professionals such as nurses, case managers and social workers. PHES also provides for the specific healthcare education needs of businesses and organizations. Our clients are RNs and LVNs in need of Nurse Refresher/Re-entry training in order to return to active practice or re-activate their nursing license. 

Our classroom training is honed for nurses in need of refreshing their license or in need of remediation courses due to Board of Nursing stipulations and peer review requirements. We provide experienced, caring instructors and an adult learning environment. Nursing homes and hospitals needing Continuing Education or competency skill validation also benefit from our course training. No matter the need, PHES provides a full spectrum of services to improve on your knowledge in the field.

OUR GOAL:To provide education and empowerment to nurses as a quality service that produces a satisfied, competent, confident and knowledgeable nurse.



We Accept:
Accepting all sorts of payment options for our RN Refresher Courses
Cash, Check or Money Orders. We also offer Payment plans.
Our Refresher courses online are also listed with the BBB
Texas Worksource Solutions and DARS Approved
Texas Board of Nursing
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Weekly Nurse Refresher Articles

Contact PHES for Accurate Results from a Pre-Employment or Random Drug Test in Houston

[Posted on Aug 20]

If you are looking for a facility that can provide you with an accurate Drug test in Houston, you can contact PHES. We offer drug testing for pre-employment, post-accident and random testing needs. We can ensure that you receive the most accurate results from your tests and offer testing for a number of illicit and recreational drugs. If you are an employer who wants to ensure that your business is free from those using recreational drugs, we can ensure that you receive the testing you require and that your results are as accurate as possible.

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If you need an RN Refresher Course, Choose Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc.

rn refresher course image altRe-entering the nursing profession? If you have been out of nursing for a while, it doesn't have to seem overwhelming to get back in. An RN refresher course from Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. (PHES) will help RNs and LVNs transition back into their profession and prepare them for their re-entry back into the field. PHES is a nursing school in Houston that founded by two registered nurses in the trade with over 25 years of experience. The PHES RN refresher course, LVN refresher coursenurse refresher course instructors are currently licensed, practicing RNs with particular expertise in their areas of practice. Our nursing school in Houston provides monthly courses in Houston and several times a year in San Antonio, Texarkana, and the Dallas/Plano area. We also have coursework available by Correspondence and clincals in over 10 Texas cities.

For more information on an RN refresher course from PHES click here.

For a Quality Nurse Refresher Course Select Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc.

nurse refresher course imageIf you need a nurse refresher course to bring you back up to speed with updated interventions, procedures, and treatments, choose PHES. They will help prepare you to deal with all aspects of patients' needs. It is important to know how to handle many situations correctly as well as in a professional manner. Apart from being able to work well on your own, an RN refresher course or LVN refresher course can help you know how to better acclimate to working effectively as part of a team. During the PHES nurse refresher course you will achieve a renewed comfort level in the clinical environment, be able to re-join your colleagues in the ever challenging world of healthcare with confidence, learn new procedures and technologies, refresh your current nursing skills and learn new ones under the guidance of an experienced nurse and be prepared to approach the workforce and seek employment with confidence.

For more information on a nurse refresher course from PHES click here.

PHES Nursing School in Houston We Will Provide a Number of Benefits

nursing school Houston image altIf you have decided to return to a career as a nurse or just need additional training, an update or boost to your skill set, PHES nursing school in Houston will put you a step ahead of the others. Unlike other jobs which may require additional degrees for a promotion, a LVN or RN can take an RN refresher course or LVN refresher course at our nursing school in Houston and be able to advance their career to new heights. It's important to make sure you get your training from a reputable institute and the courses at PHES nursing school in Houston are backed up by a long list of client referrals and the state of Texas board of nursing has approved the core curriculum topics. So make sure you get a jump start and sign up with PHES.

For more information on our nursing school in Houston click here.

Let PHES/IMU Help Protect Your Family's Health with Immunizations in Houston

nursing school Houston image altGood health is paramount when nurturing our families or when trying to be productive in schools and at work. At PHES/IMU we understand these objectives and offer immunizations in Houston to help you have a proactive readiness for a healthy life. Current day society realizes that vaccine-preventable disease levels are at or near record lows due to not only our vaccine clinic in Houston , but because there are these types of facilities around the world. However, because the bottom line is good health, we cannot take the importance of immunizations in Houston for granted. To continue to protect Houston children and adults, we really must obtain maximum immunization coverage of our population and so must the world. At PHES/IMU, we have grown into a trusted vaccine clinic in Houston. Help us keep you and yours healthy.

For more information on immunizations in Houston click here or call 877-313-7437 ( Toll Free).