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Intravenous Therapy and Skills Practicum

Who needs our course?

PHES offers individual and group customized courses with objectives to meet your facility needs.

Who are we?

PHES was incorporated in 2002 specializing in customized continuing education courses for nurses.

What is the point?

The IV skills and CE programs will give you the nurse as well as the facility an advantage over other facilities who do not take the time to train. Training protects the facility, the nurse and the patients from incompetent caregivers.

What will you gain?

The nurse will gain didactic and skills that will enable them to have knowledge to correctly and more quickly perform the procedure and exude the confidence in front of patients and family. They will also have the ability recognize and intervene appropriately when complications do occur.

Why do you need?

The Board of Nursing in Texas requires LVNs that perform venipuncture or care of IVs to take and IV course and retain their certificate. Some RNs have worked non-clinical positions or had an IV team and do not have the recent experience to feel confident and competent.

Why for facilities?

Market advantage As the healthcare market becomes more competitive it is vital that facilities have the ability to care for a higher acuity patient.

Why (bottom line)?

As an individual nurse this program can make you more marketable, confident and, competent.

How to register and costs?

Nurses schedule to come to one of our courses by clicking the Peripheral IV course registration form and returning by email or fax.

Nurses, PAs or MDs needing PICC & Midline Insertion Course clicking this registration form and return by email or fax. 

 How to set up?

Facilities: Give us an email or call and we will discuss your needs and set a customized price which you can pay by corporate check or credit card. You can have the staff come to us or we can come to our location. Group discounts available. Lecture and skills practicum may be customized with your facility policies, supplies and, equipment. Assistance with writing polices and guidelines available as well.

In today’s healthcare environment, it is vital that you seek education and training before performing a new or unfamiliar skill. The PHES CE Courses and Certifications are aimed to help you develop the knowledge, skills and aptitudes to advance your IV experiences.

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