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Below are a few past comments from students on their experience in attending our courses offered, the pleasant atmosphere and how it has helped them advance or re-enter back into their nursing career. All students are welcome to write comments.

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Kassie Allen

From Spring Texas

January 2019 Ms. Cheeks and Ms. Carradine, Thank you so much for guiding me as I completed your instruction course for Case Managers. I needed help and advice to help me re-establish a career that I had been away from for a time. The online work with the ACMA Compass was comprehensive. I worked very hard to complete those modules and learned so much! Thank you. The clinical assignments at Kindred Hospital, Memorial Hermann and A*Med, gave me practical exposure to the work and the staff at those orgs were ALL amazing. Thank you for this excellent program! I highly recommend PHES. I am glad I invested in my self and career. It was a smart move. Kassie A.


From Brownwood TX

I am so thankful that I found PHES online! I was nervous about trying to return to nursing after being away for 19 years. I researched several avenues for a refresher course, but the confidence, reassurance and personal relationship was only to be found at PHES. Also, I was able to get everything done in about 2 months which was much quicker than any alternative would have been. PHES provided a clinic in The Woodlands that I could complete my 80 clinical hours and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I’m truly thankful for PHES and would highly recommend them. Blessings!


From Houston

I have been out of practice for 13 years due to medical issues. I was very hesitant to even try and go back into nursing due to my disability. PHES gave me the confidence and insight on how to go about reentry despite being disabled. I was able to secure clinical rotations in various areas to determine what would work best for me! They also had information regarding Texas Workforce that assists helping those with disabilities reenter the workforce. I am so happy to have found PHES and highly recommend them.

Leilani L

From Dallas TX

I tried to return to nursing after a 10 year break to raise my children. I never let my Texas RN license lapse and always did my CE units required. I thought I didn't need a refresher course because nursing orientation would cover specifics that I need and my experience was strong and well rounded. After almost a year of trying to get a job, I reached out and spoke with Yvette in March 2018. She gave me the "low down" on what was going on in nursing and hospitals now and encouraged me to pray about enrolling in the course. I started with the hybrid program in May and finished up the remaining didactic with the other Dallas Refreshers in July while Yvette was here. There was issues with securing clinical sites, like JHC visits, for preceptorships but Yvette went over and beyond to get us in. It worked out that a few of us got to do clinical rotations together locally at the same time. That was really the best experience to have and to build relationships with one another. Yvette is an amazing, encouraging and hardworking professional who truly loves what she does. I would recommend her courses to anyone looking to return to the field. After finishing up everything and updating/improving my resume, I can proudly say I have accepted a Nurse Navigator clinic position at Parkland, which is where I first started working 20 years ago.


From The Woodlands, TX

I would highly recommend PHES to any nurse who has been out of the field for some time. Yvette and Cynthia have been always very helpful, kind, and professional. They have been so accommodating in my situation, and I was able to complete the refresher very fast (in class and by correspondence). In addition to the required course work Yvette always offers extra information and "insider" tips while helping you make important career decisions. What's also extremely important, PHES places you for clinical rotations and connects you with the preceptor. Overall, I am very grateful to have my TX license in my hands and feel confident in my future. Thank you very much for everything!

Micah Emenike

From Houston

I have been away from nursing for about 8 years. Needless to say I was concerned about the process of returning back to the field. I needed 80 hours of clinicals plus additional class courses. Ms Cheeks has provided all the above plus additional guidance and support. She goes above and beyond to help. Phes is really in business for the right reasons which is helping nurses get back on track. I completed everything in a timely manner (4 weeks). Shout to Ms Cynthia and the entire staff for being kind and professional. I am grateful for this program. Thank you.



I was away from the nursing field for almost six years,I contacted PHES for refresher courses to get me ready to go back to what I love doing most.I was nervous ,scared and excited at the same time.Ms Yvette came to the rescue.She was so helpful and I learn a lot from her lectures.She is wise and very smart.As soon as I finished The classes,I didn't even have to look for a job because the skills that I learnt with PHES earned me the job at the facility I did my clinicals.I can't be more happier.Thanks PHES crew.Very friendly staff.Keep up the good work Ms Yvette.If there is anyone who needs refresher causes for any reason,do not hesitate to contact PHES.The best in Texas..


From DFW Metroplex

Wow, where to start? I read all these forums of how refreshers don't work. Well I kept my license active but, felt a bit uncertain. Not my best time as just going through divorce and confidence was at a low. These people are heaven sent. From my first call they were encouraging and uplifting about life and gave me options and suggestions that didn't involve money. After speaking with them and then coming to an Open House I signed up for a Hybrid course. But, after the 1st day, I said never mind I need all of this. The 2md day a refresher that was finishing came by to drop off her paperwork and she came in and said hi and and answered some questions which was really helpful. I was having a hard time personally and spoke about quitting and Ms. Yvette took me in the office and gave me just what I needed. It was a scripture my mother used to tell me about all the time. It really inspired me. So, I did not finish at the same pace as others but, I finished and feel good now about my skills. Good enough that I applied for a job and got it first try. Near home and day time hours. Too old for 12 hr shifts :) Many future blessings on the staff and preceptors with PHES. Oh and my PHES clinical instructor, Ms. Cooper was top notch.

Tammy Ferrell

From The Woodlands

Hello Miss Yvette!! I am excited to share that I have had 2 successful interviews with Texas Children’s Hospital in The Woodlands! I applied for an outpatient Cardiology Clinic RN position. I interviewed with the floor manager first and then had a “meet and greet” interview with the other 2 clinic RNs and the 3 cardiac sonographers that work in that office. I got an email today from the nurse recruiter wanting me to fill out online forms and have a phone conference regarding the next steps for employment! I appreciate your help and am so excited and hopeful to get an offer for this position!! I hope you and your family are well!! I will keep you posted!! Thank You! Tammy Farrell


From Highlands, TX

PHES provided me with the classes I needed to get my license in Texas as well as the confidence I needed after being out of bedside nursing for so long (9 years). They also walked me through the steps needed to navigate the Board's maze to licensure. Ms. Cynthia and Ms. Yvette have been kind, knowledgeable, and forthright during the entire process. They have been blessing.

CynDe, RN

From Houston/Stafford

It had to have been ordained for me to have found out about PHES! **All Praises* The staff members are very passionate about your career, and helping you to conquer whatever obstacles or hardships that brought you there. As an RN refresher nurse, I have gained much valued up-to-date knowledge and experience that really never left but just needed reinforcement and confidence building. And Ms. Yvette Cheeks and her staff afforded me just that. Now that I have reentered the nursing profession, we say, 'thank you' from the bottom of me and my family's hearts.


From Evadale Texas

Going thru PHES was the best decision I could have made. These ladies and gentlemen were absolutely amazing. The help to relieve a lot of the stress of not knowing if I could do this again. They were always there to answer questions and walk me step by step thru everything. They make you feel like family. I highly recommend them for anyone who is wanting to get back into nursing.

Shannon Zizza

From Alaska

I made an excellent decision going through PHES! The RN refresher program provided all the relevant information I needed to get my skills up to date but in a concise and clear manner. Not only that, but I chose the pace that I desired and I was able to knock out the academics in less than two months (while working!). I also really appreciated the kindness of the staff as well: they treat their students with dignity and respect and that really motivated me to ask questions and get feedback! PHES is very flexible and I highly recommend them! Good luck! Shannon, RN, RT

Shanna Malcore

From Houston, Texas

Going back to Nursing after being away for so long (9 years in my case) is daunting. Compound that with moving in from overseas and the whole process can be very complicated. I am lucky I stumbled on the PHES website while searching for some online help. Ms. Yvette Cheeks and Ms. Cynthia Carradine have been very supportive from Day 1. There will be classes and orientation, but the times spent in the classroom are never boring. Ms. Cheeks is intelligent, humorous… a truly gifted speaker. I had fun learning and I met a lot of friends in the class who keep in touch and encourage me and the others in our individual journey. THANK YOU SO MUCH PHES for all your help and support. I highly recommend your Refresher Course to anyone who wants to get back in Nursing as painlessly as possible!!!

Christine Crookshanks

From Dallas

Hello Mrs. Cheeks, I spoke with my friend that is a single mom of 5 that was in need of guidance on nursing schools some time back. I am happy to say that she was accepted to UT Medical Branch and will start this month. She wanted me to tell you that she thanks you for your time and shared insight. It meant alot to her. ?? She is a beautiful person and your willingness to advise someone you never met, meant alot to her. I also will be attending UT Tyler online ADN to BSN program in the fall. You are a gift Mrs. Cheeks! ?? Thank you from my heart as well for all you do everyday for so many!

Shirlan Brown

From Lufkin, Tecas

I live in an area of East Texas that offers two good schools of nursing, BUT, absolutely nothing for the RN returning to nursing. I searched the internet, found PHES. The director of education, Yvette Cheeks, returned my call promptly and sent all the information I needed to make the decision to take the course. I am truly greatful to ALL the PHES staff for providing a positive and encouraging experience. I went into that first class not sure if I was going to succeed and left that same day with all the encouragement an "old" nurse could want. All the staff are professional, compassionate, encouraging and most of all well educated with the ability to communicate their knowledge to each individual. Thank you for being an answer to my prayers

Angella Dylla

From Houston

PHES is in my opinion the best service for nurses active or inactive wanting update their skills and knowledge. This course is very comprehensive. The instructor Yvette Cheeks MS, RN is a very enjoyable speaker while covering the topics. Cynthia Carnes and staff are wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about this program. They helped me out so much twice. I highly recommend this program or if you need 1-2 courses they will go out of their way to help with whatever the reason may be. I am so glad I took this course!

Shannon M.

From Dallas

I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you I found an amazing job, a few months ago. I work with other amazing nurses. Thank you and your staff for so much more than just classes. Thank you for the encouragement and guidance and love for those of us that have made mistakes. I never felt less than with you and your staff.

Pauline Claustro

From Sugar Land

Happy Sunday! I just wanted to express my thanks to you and your team at PHES. I now have an official Start date for Memorial Hermann Sugar land and I really feel it could not have been so smooth without your help. Plus, I appreciate you jumping through hoops so that my clinicals would be expedited. I look forward seeing you again and hopefully I get to visit you in PHES soon so I could personally say thanks to you and everyone.


From Cyfair

At our final class, you asked us to contact you, telling you what we are doing. As you remember, my clinicals were with Cy-Fair ISD in school nursing. I was hired by them to be a sub. (Within one month, I was offered a full time position, but because of family needs, I could not take it.) I love being a sub school nurse. It is so flexible, in that I work when I want and how much I want. The nurses and teachers always make me feel welcome. The need is so great. I turn down jobs. Your refresher program prepared me well for my return to nursing. I thank you! Blessings, Stephanie Wade

Donna St. Clair

From Tyler area

Words can't explained how grateful I am to PHES for everything y'all have done to help me. I was just wanting to let you know as of today my license are current. I wished for years I could be a nurse again,but never thought it was possible.

Jennifer K

From Fort Worth

I needed a refresher course to reactivate my RN license and could find nothing current or near me in Fort Worth. It seemed all the former programs had closed down (though they still had active websites!). I found PHES and thankfully they hold bi-annual courses in Dallas. Through their program I was able to gain all my necessary CE's, medical knowledge review, and clinical time. They are very competent, patient, and good at making their refreshers feel comfortable and confident! It might not be the very most important attribute, but if I had to pick one to rate these ladies, I'd say: Compassionate! They truly worked with each of our class as individuals to get us back into the field of nursing. Thank you very much PHES!

Nancy Oden

From League City, Texas

I can’t say enough good about this school and the people who run it. Yvette, the instructor is a gifted teacher..who brought nursing alive again for me after being out of the workforce for years. The classes were interesting, never dull, and she is totally an advocate for her students. This a quality school run by quality people and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get back into the nursing profession...or anyone who just wants to acquire more knowledge. Thank you to Yvette and to all the lovely people at PHES ...And may God continue to bless you. Nancy Oden

Nancy Oden

From League City, Texas

I can’t say enough good about this school and the people who run it. Yvette, the instructor is a gifted teacher..who brought nursing alive again for me after being out of the workforce for years. The classes were interesting, never dull, and she is totally an advocate for her students. This a quality school run by quality people and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get back into the nursing profession...or anyone who just wants to acquire more knowledge. Thank you to Yvette and to all the lovely people at PHES ...And may God continue to bless you. Nancy Oden

Iris M.

From Dallas

Having been away from nursing for 15 years, PHES was the academic program that allowed me to transition back to practice with ease and grace. In addition to covering required topics....Yvette has such in depth knowledge in regards to law, job market, nursing politics, and different nursing opportunities. She delivered her message with "motherly love", and her sense of humor kept the energy flowing in class! You are getting the combined knowledge of ten resource persons in one !!! Yvette and Cynthia are professionals. They are also kind, supportive, and so understanding of everyone's schedule and needs. They were mentors.....but they also felt like instant friends, and I couldn't have felt more comfortable with them. I cried as I drove home on our last day because PHES was not only instrumental in helping me getting my license reactivated, it was also one the most positive and therapeutic experience I've ever been a part of. So, thank you Yvette and Cynthia, for being part of the process. Thank you both for being part of my journey!

Amanda Poyner

From Canton

PHES has been exactly what I needed. If you are a nurse returning back to the nursing field or have had stipulations on your license; and have Board ordered classes this is the company for you! PHES is very flexible and the classes are worth every penny. Yvette is so knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the nursing/healthcare field. They give you reassurance and encouragement. They are understanding, gracious, and nonjudgmental. Cynthia is so patient and sweet. Yvette will go the extra mile for you. Yvette cares for every individual that takes her classes. She really cares about your situation and will go the extra mile for you. There are a variety of classes to suit your individual needs. Whether you are going back into the nursing field or if you have had stipulations put on your license; after taking the classes you will have peace and confidence about your situation. Yvette is an excellent instructor. The classroom part helps you to gain knowledge and to feel more at ease when going back to the nursing field or whether it be carrying on after something has happened with your license. If you are needing their services I highly recommend using them! They are truly amazing!!!

Toni Ervin

From Gorman, TX

I attended the Refresher Course in Dallas Oct. 2017. Everyone at PHES is Amazing! Very patient with all my crazy questions. The class was Great! Yvette keeps you very entertained while teaching new pertinent info & refreshing what we already know! Of course I was nervous about practicing as an LVN again after 9 years. PHES has given me confidence & I feel completely ready to work as a nurse again! Would fit sure recommend PHES to anyone needing a nurse refresher! Thanks Again!?


From Sugar Land

Just checked the BON website n my license is current, Yay, Hip Hip Hurray!!! I just broke out in tears overjoyed at this accomplishment! I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement! I love u guys at PHES n what u helped me achieve after 29 years out of nursing!

Rose M-L

From Sugar Land, TX

Before beginning classes at PHES, I realized I was losing confidence in my ability to complete this course as it had been 40 years since I had worked as a Nurse. But much to my surprise I was surrounded by an amazing instructor, Yvette Cheeks n her staff whose main goal was to make sure I succeeded! And indeed I did! The classes offered excellent nursing instruction n the clinicals provided numerous opportunities to learn skills in various settings from clinics to skilled nursing facilities to hospice care! It is a God given privilege to now use the instruction I’ve received to care for others!

Barbara Kent

From Huntsville, TX

After completing the PHES, Inc. nurse refresher course, I commented to myself why I waited so long to jump in and get this finished. I had been out of nursing for almost twenty years. Yvette and Cynthia are very organized and knowledgeable. They listen to you, are supportive of your efforts to re-enter the nursing profession, and encourage you along the way. The didactic courses are up-to-date and the skills labs were perfect! They assisted me in getting into the clinical settings that interested me. I was needlessly nervous my first day of clinicals on the Med/Surg Unit. When the shift was over, my confidence that I knew I could more than accomplish my goals was restored. Thank you Yvette! (I also met other nurses who had gone through PHES - and they, too speak highly of Yvette and this course).

David Bykowski

From San Antonio

I have nothing but praise for this program. I had some health struggles along the way and the support from Yv Yvette Cheeks. She was there for me the whole way. I would highly recommend this excellent professional refresher program. I worked as an RN from 1986-2008 when I had R BKA and was on disability since then. I have finished my requirements and have been offer a job in a Rehabilitation Hospital here in San Antonio. Thanks for a great experience David Bkowski RN

Shannon McNeil

From Houston, TX

I attended the August 2016 course. PHES is where you want to take your refresher course, without a doubt! Ms Yvette and the entire staff are wonderful. The education is top notch. The personal attention given makes you feel as though you are the only person they have to take care of. The scope of what they do goes beyond just teaching the refresher course. You will not be disappointed, you will more than likely feel empowered by the strength that is shown to you on a personal and professional level. I'd like to give a special shout out to Ms Cynthia, who goes above and beyond!

Stephanie Wade

From Tomball,TX

PHES offers a thorough, friendly RN refresher program. There was a great comradery between the students. The clinical options included many healthcare settings throughout the metroplex. I personally appreciated all the individual attention given by the staff at PHES.


From Houston

Thank you so much Yvette and to all your wonderful staff, instructors, and preceptors! They do a marvelous job!! I was so discouraged and feeling down when i started at Phes. I couldn’t accept How & Why could i have been punished by what happened in my personal life? Phes changed my bitterness to being encouraged. I was accepted unconditionally; even uplifted that i have value in the nursing profession. A nurse is a nurse, & will be a nurse no matter where you are or what you do. It is making a difference that matter. That is exactly what Yvette made me feel. Phes is very flexible and very understanding of the various situations, needs & schedules of the attendees. Yet, they conduct their business in a very professional manner yet supportive way. I am so grateful for everything Phes has done for me! It is a wonderful feeling to complete the didactic and clinical requirements. They are with you every step of the way. If ever anyone needs a Refresher course - This Is The One!

Rebecca E.

From Cypress

I wanted to tell you, that yesterday I was the preceptor to one of your Nurse Refresher nurses. She is a fabulous nurse. I am one of your previous students and I want to say thank you, so very much, for providing the services that you do. Giving those of us that get caught up in something that could ruin our lives, sometimes to no fault of our own. I remember you being so positive and not letting us to allow ourselves to feel like failures. I was a nurse at a large hospital in Houston ( for 17 years with glowing evaluations)and made a few medication errors,( which COULD have but didn't harm the pt) along with the person who co sign behind me for 2 nurse checks. What a lesson we both learned, about being in a rush and just signing behind someone and not checking. I now work as a hospice nurse and simply love what I do. So, let those nurses who take the courses mandated by the board for a discipline reason, know once you get past the all the requirements and find new direction it can be better then you ever dreamed of. Please, next time you have a student that wants to do a hospice clinical, put them with me. Thanks again for what you do.


From Houston

As a foreign nurse with 8years lapse I was clueless on how to go about my profession in USA, i have applied to several jobs but all to no avail. In fact I got a job but couldn't sustain it because I was not sure of my skills anymore untill my manager requested that I look for a refreasher course. I went online to search for the refreasher school to attend then I stumbled into PHES, at that time there was no avaliable class in houston but there was one in dallas, this awesome people gave me a free ride to and from Dallas, I had wonderful refreshing moments in all the classes via Yvette wonderful teaching skills,I came back to Houston had my clinical and today I have a good job from one of the hospital where I did my clinical. Big thanks to God for directing my steps to PHES and another big thanks to the entire team/staff of PHES you guys rock.

Karen B

From Dallas

I took the November 2016 Nurse Refresher course in Dallas after being out of work for 20 years. I learned a lot from Yvette. She is kind, patient, very knowledgeable and helpful. I had no problems with the classes at all, got all my paperwork completed and was ready to go do clinicals. I hesitated until the very last minute as I was scared of my skills. I finally broke down and called/emailed the hospital site for dates. Went to work and found out that all my worrying was for naught. The nurse preceptors I was placed with were kind as was the nursing supervisor. They made it very easy to complete my clinicals. If you are hesitating to take this course because you are scared, don't be. Do your homework, ask questions and have a positive attitude. Every time I had to call the office or Yvette, I always got a prompt and kind/helpful response. Yvette really wants you to do well and succeed. Don't let cost be a factor either. I actually got a job quickly and made up the class fees in no time. If I had to do this all again, I would not hesitate for one minute to go with PHES, you won't go wrong either. Just do it. I did look at another company that was much more expensive and the woman I spoke with was very rude and short with me, not helpful at all. So glad for PHES.


I attended the Documentation Course 9/14/17. I had an awesome experience. Ms. Yvette Cheeks is an awesome and knowledgeable instructor. She knows her stuff. The class was very,very interesting. The information I received will help me tremendously in my nursing career. She was well prepared and taught on a level where you couldn't help but understand and participate in the discussions. I was allowed to ask questions and she answered all of my questions and questions from other studenTS. I am very pleased with my experience. Thank you so much Ms.Cheeks. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT job!!!!!

Oradell Thomas

From Port Arthur, TX

Pauline Ng

From Houston, TX

As a foreign graduate nurse with no experience and work history lapse, I was clueless as to how to get back to practice and get hired in acute setting. I was intimidated and worried that somehow, the process will be full of obstacles before I can start working. I stumbled upon PHES online (summer 2017) within a week before they started their program and they were very accommodating. All the classes included were presented very well. Ms. Yvette Cheeks was one hell of an instructor. She's that good. I think the quality of the material plus the insight provided helped cement the knowledge. And Ms. Yvette really goes above and beyond to get your confidence back and be equipped with important skills to get your nursing career back on track and get your foot in the door! Thanks for everything!!!

Mark Bennett

From Wichita Falls, TX

Just finished the Jurisprudence/Ethics course in Dallas. (2017) Walking out at the end smiling saying to myself, WOW! That's what I needed. After a bad code, I found that the level ground I was standing, became a sink hole. It took a year to come to a conclusion. Well, here we go. A class of Jurisprudence/Ethics was to be completed. Looking at the options on line, I came across PHES. E-Mails started with schedules and locations shared. Ms. Carriden was a God send. We spoke on the phone as well, with her caring demeanor making the decision of attending the advertised class easy. Once in Dallas, sitting in the class room Ms. Cheeks opened the class and never stopped. She made the entire content wanted. I've been to ALOT of classes in my life, with each carrying a degree of "fatigue". I have to say that I never got tired during the entire class. Really don't remember even a yawn. Ms. Cheeks presented the material in a tone and demeanor that complimented each other. I want to say THANKS!!! PHES, your a 5 star operation.

Marie G, RN

From Clear Lake

I completed the PHES RN Refresher Course back in 2014. I had my active TX RN license back then but I didn't know where to start my career and feel confident as RN. This Refresher Course and the RNs (Yvette, Cynthia, etc.) behind this program are simply wonderful and helpful. The modules are great, substantial and allowed me to go through them at my own pace. The clinicals are even better since you can get as many hours as you could until you feel you are confident enough. It took me awhile to give this feedback since I got into the GN Residency Program. All is good and a BIG gratitude and love to PHES!

Louise Story

From Atlanta, Ga

In 2010 after a devastating divorce from a 47 year marriage, I found myself having to support myself again at age 66. God helped me find this program and assisted every step of the way for me to accomplish my way back to gainful employment. I took the online course and then I did my clinicals in Texas... I regret I have taken so long to express my gratitude and appreciation for their important part in helping me get back on my feet. While Georgia did not accept the Texas refresher course, I did have a TExas license that enabled me to apply for a Georgia refresher course. PHES provided me with a good foundation for going into the Georgia refresher course. Providentally the clinical part of the Georgia refresher course turned out to be where I was ultimately hired. No one else was even interested in a 67 year old RN returning to work. I just retired from that job this April at age 74. I apologize to PHES for taking so long to provide my testimonial. I struggled for the first several years just surviving my circumstances and readjusting to 12 hours days. Then I forgot. An email out of the blue from PHES reminded me of my gratitude. The Lord has been good. And thank you PHES for being part of that good in my life.

Amanda Lindsey

From Dallas

Wow, I can't say enough! I enjoyed every minute. I was unsure what I was getting into when I decided to get back into nursing and I am so honored and pleased by this program. You don't get this kind of one-on-one encouragement in a university classroom! Yvette was incredible, professional yet so personable. She has years of experience, taught such thorough classes and truly has a heart to see you succeed. She goes way out of her way to make sure you are ready to go back to work! She responds right away to your questions even after hours and truly boosts your confidence with re-entry. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get back into nursing. They aren't tactful, integrous, relational and so for you! Thank you, PHES!

Norma Turner

From Fulshear Tx

I just completed my Nurse Refresher course at PHES, it was a great experience! The classes are well taught , organized, the instructors are very knowledgeable. They supplied everything including pens! They are available for phone calls and always took the time to help and guide me. Wish it had lasted longer gonna miss these ladies!

Norma Turner

From Fulshear Tx

I just completed my Nurse Refresher course at PHES, it was a great experience! The classes are well taught , organized, the instructors are very knowledgeable. They supplied everything including pens! They are available for phone calls and always took the time to help and guide me. Wish it had lasted longer gonna miss these ladies! Ms Yevette and Ms Cynthia are so wonderful. So patient answering question after question. So thankful for them!

Karin Dowers

From Vidor,Texas

Completed refresher course and clinicals first of May 2017. Lic reinstated this week! PHES and staff were knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with! Ms Cynthia is great and so patient with all the questions I asked, a beautiful lady inside and out. Ms Yvette is a skilled brilliant communicator and educator! She is a wonderful instructor, with a wonderful sense of humor w personal examples and stories to keep you interested! This was a wonderful experience for me! PHES is definitely the way to go for a refresher course or CEs Thank you!

Gayle Parr

From Houston

Thanks so much for your encouragement and guidance 2 years ago. I just passed the 2 year mark from joining the workforce as an RN again.

Esther O.

From Katy, TX

I really want to thank God for PHES. Was out of practice for 10 years as a foreign graduate nurse. I felt very intimidated and nervous getting my License back from Inactive and from a different state to go through the endorsement process.But Yvette Cheeks and Cynthia did a great job,took me throughout the process, including the jurisprudence classes, sim lab, Clinicals, resume preparation, and all the other BON recommended courses for RN Refreshers, till I finally got my RN License back to Texas. The classes is worth the cost. I highly recommend PHES to everyone who wants to get back into nursing. I am so thankful to all the Staff. God bless you all.

Connie Moore

From Dallas

I completed the Dallas refresher course in March 2017 after being out of nursing for 15 years. I was able to complete the pre-course work, classroom studies, skills lab and clinicals during March/April 2017. One month from the first day of class, I have a current license and can now gain employment as a nurse again! The whole experience from beginning to end has been absolutely wonderful. I can't thank PHES enough for walking me thru this process!!! I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Thank you PHES!!!