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Below are a few past comments from students on their experience in attending our courses offered, the pleasant atmosphere and how it has helped them advance or re-enter back into their nursing career.

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Velvete Rojugbokan

From Houston

Attending the PHES Refresher Course was the best decision I could make for myself. Once I decided to return to Nursing ,I needed to know if I could truly be the safe skilled nurse who was a leader ,a role model and a pride to my profession . PHES gave me the skills , and the confidence to achieve my goal. The classes were fun . I laughed so I had tears. I was constantly encouraged. I'm so thankful to all the staff . Blessings and Praise for the work you do.


Helen Kanu

From Dallas,Texas

I registered for the Nurse Refresher course with PHES in Dallas Texas. It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. The benefits I derived from the program enhanced my nursing knowledge and skills greatly. At the end of the program,I had so much confidence in Nursing ,I could comfortably provide all aspects of patient care. Thanks to the intelligent presentation of the courses by Yvette Cheecks and the caring attitude of the staff of PHES, Cynthia . Thank you all so much . The didactic sessions,the labs skills, the clinical rotations were excellent. Yvette answered all my questions and concerns no matter the time of the day. They replied my emails with swiftest promptness ,to address any concerns I had. Yvette , with untiring vigour sourced facilities for my clinicals and followed up to ensure I was comfortable as well as gaining the skills. Everything about PHES was excellent. I thought aloud, ""Yvette Cheecks, is there anything you don't know about Nursing and Nursing Practice"". The answer was a big "NO". She knows everything!. I will urge any Nurse who needs such training to contact Yvette and PHES. PHES is a big asset to the Nursing profession. Yvette , Cynthia and PHES, I can't thank you enough . You made my day.

soyoung yeo

From dallas

I live in DFW. I want to know how I take the class in DFW. Please send me specific information. Thank you.

Dennis B

From Seattle, WA

I have been out of Nursing for approximately 17 years. I was required by the BON to complete a didactic refresher and a clinical roatation. I completed both portions in Houston area. Yvette & Cynthia have a top notch organization and were very knowledgeable, professional and are very experienced with the BON and making certain that you complete all requirements. I completed my Clinical rotation at the UTMB in Galveston. This was a great experience and good preparation to return to practice! I highly recommend PHES as the refresher course off choice! It was well worth the cost and a GREAT investment!

Vicki M., RN

From Montgomery, Tx

After 10 years away from nursing, I went to PHES for a Nurse Refresher course. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and do their best to prepare you. The course is absolutely worth it. I was very nervous about going back into nursing, however, within a week I was feeling more confidant. Yvette answered the many questions I had and walked me through everything. Scheduling was easy and PHES maintains good relationships with area hospitals in order to offer many different clinical experiences. I can't say enough good things about PHES. They gave me the confidence to go back to being an RN!

Regina Jocson

From Missouri City, TX

I had such wonderful experience with PHES. The staff and teachers are very knowledgeable, willing to help the students... even months after the course is over! The clinicals were very organized. PHES knows what they're doing, and if they don't, they try their best to help and find out. They even teach us how to make our resumes! That's a big plus! I'm so glad PHES was referred to me.

Susan P. RN

From DFW

After being laid off in my IT position I was looking for a way to transition back into nursing. PHES met with me individually and customized a Hybrid Refresher that was perfect. They met my anxiety with compassion and motivated me to do more than I had even planned. So, I have completed the program and clinicals and just signed on with a Day Surgery Center. It was well worth every penny! I am so glad to have an opportunity to meet Linda, Yvette, Greg, Evelyn and Cynthia. They gave me what I needed to make good clinical decisions, career options and a renewed confidence in myself.

Charina L.

From Belmont, CA

I needed a refresher course because I have not been practicing nursing for almost 5 years. I was searching for a school and found one in Austin, Texas but the nurse educator that I talked to said that she cannot guarantee my clinical so I searched again and found PHES. I was able to talk to Ms. Yvette about my plans for the refresher course and the clinical since I live in California. Afterwards, I proceeded to enroll in the correspondence course and eventually finishing it earlier than I anticipated. Ms. Yvette helped me in securing my clinical at UTMB which is very convenient for me as it is close to my cousin’s place. I had a very rewarding experience during my clinical, as my preceptors and other staff were so helpful and accommodating. I am so grateful to Ms. Yvette and Ms. Cynthia for all the help that they afforded me, for imparting their knowledge and for the opportunity to be with the PHES family. I couldn’t have done it without them. Shout out to you, Ms. Yvette and Ms. Cynthia!

Doe K.

From Katy,TX

This was a wonderful course! I was out of the nursing field for 12 years. This course refreshes you of what you have learned before and they also bring you up to date on any recent nursing changes. The staff were extremely kind and always more than happy to answer all your questions. PHES really works with each individual and are attentive to their specific needs. Clinicals were great as well and they gave you opportunities see different areas of nursing. Yvette and Cynthia always made sure you were well taken care of at your clinicals so that you can have a great learning opportunity. They really do go above and beyond!

Juliet E.

From Katy, TX

I don't think there is enough space for all the wonderful things that needs to be said about PHES! After being out for over 10 years it was great to learn that such business was available for nurses with such needs. This is a business that is important and justified not just for the individual but for the community as well. They provide education for nurses while instilling confidence that enables the nurse to get back to work and give the community the best healthcare service possible. Everyone is very professional, knowledgeable and patient. Attention to detail and to each individual is given. They not only give you the current up to date education that you need but they help you with all your forms. Answering any questions that you might have. There is an in class dummy patient's to practice on. Helping you build confidence. There are a lot of clinical sites to choose from. Through PHES I was able to explore other areas of nursing that I was interested in. Yvette, Cynthia and all the staff are wonderful. They are patient, willing to help, and ready to provide you with solutions. Healthcare businesses should be very appreciative that they are able to return great nurses with many years of experience back to work. Board of Nursing should be very proud to have such services available for their nurses! PHES is worth the money and time. It's a great investment for your career!

Shannon Adams

From Hughes Springs, TX

This nursing refresher course is totally worth your time and money! I'd been out of the nursing field for almost 8 years with no other work to list for that time either. This was a perfect way to bridge the gap, it looked good on my resume and they provided an amazing reference to my current employer. Cynthia was the first and only reference that they checked and I got the job! The staff is amazing, course work is very relevant and presented in a fun and personal manner. They worked hard to accommodate my needs and being way out in the country, I needed that. Clinical rotations were great and helped so much to boost my confidence and skill level. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Lynn Elizabeth Hurley

From Houston

I can not say enough good things about this program. I had been out of Nursing for 15 years and I felt comfortable about all the teaching because the entire staff was so empowering. I felt that they were holding my hand from the education to clinical's and were alway there for me. They brought back the reason I wanted to be a RN in the first place. Patient's, knowledge, and hopefully uplifting a patient's day. It was worth every penny I paid.

Lori Piner

From from New Orleans, LA

I attended PHES Refresher Course after being out of nursing for a little over 3 years. I was very apprehensive about reentering the workforce, but Ms. Yvette and the entire team at PHES inspired me and gave me the confidence I needed to start nursing again. The course is comprehensive and well-presented. It covers everything from nursing refresher basics to up-to-date nursing scope and standards of practice. They also give you tips on resume building, job websites, etc. Upon completion of the class, I started interviewing. Within a few weeks, I had multiple job offers and just landed a dream job as a Research Nurse with UTH. I couldn't have done it without PHES. Thank you all and God bless.


From U.K

After passing my NCLEX the Texas BON required me to do Refresher Course. I started researching where school can i go since Im residing outside U.S. saw PHES on the website and started calling them and explaining my situation. All Ican say is that Ms. Yvette and the rest of the team was so amazing and accomodating regards with my situation. I loved the fact that i was able to do the course even if i'm away and each modules i have phone conference ready to explain and answer all of my questions. Thank You PHES for all the help that you gave me and I wont hesitate coming back if i needed CE hours. God bless and its official I got my RN license.again Thank you for everything!

Chris Trivell

From New York, NY

What do you call a thing or person that has your back..anticipates your needs and then exceeds your expectations..that does content well but the affective customer service side even better. I call it PHES..or Yvette & Cynthia..or's all the same.. a standout exemplar of nurse training and advocacy..nothing like it back east..You Go Girls!

Ann Ball

From Dallas, TX

Believe it or not, I've been out of nursing for 29 years! PHES was the perfect refresher course, both detailed and comprehensive. I did the work in the online format and also went to the classes in Dallas which were extremely helpful. My clinical hours were performed in the most rewarding environment I could have imagined. There were quite a lot of clinical sites to choose from in the Dallas area. Yvette's enthusiasm and knowledge has inspired me and renewed my excitement about nursing. I planned on just renewing my license but have ended up renewing my nursing dreams. Thank you so much!

Taina Po

From Fulshear, TX

I was out of the nursing workforce for almost 18 years when I decided to find a refresher course. PHES gave me the confidence and preparation to safely re-enter the field. I especially enjoyed the skills and simulation labs to re-sharpen my skills. The networking opportunities for employment while fulfilling my clinical requirements were a bonus, and I was grateful that Yvette was able to find clinical sites in my previous field (ER). Other programs that I considered only offered the course content, and it would have been my responsibility to find clinical sites myself and file all of my paperwork. Yvette made it seamless, and kept abreast of each criteria needed to obtain my license. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to re-enter the nursing profession. Thank you Yvette and Cindy for a job well done!

Abhi Maharjan

From Houston, TX

I am glad that I've chosen PHES. The entire PHES staff were excellent. Thank you Yvette and Cynthia for your help. Ms Yvette, You are always patient and willing to help when I have questions. Thank you for being a positive influence and for giving me the confidence to pursue my FENS program. I enjoyed and learned a lot. Thank You once again PHES.

Onyii Okereke

From Richmond, TX

I have no regret taking a class at this facility. From the staff members to the materials was great and well presented. Good location and parking. In all thank you & good job PHES!

Wendy Shipley

From Boerne, Texas

PHES was awesome! I had to do the course by correspondence because I am so far away but anytime I had questions and/or needed help in reaching my next goal in order to reactivate my license they were always on top of it. I would recommend them to anyone!!! Thank you so much for your help in pursuing my career goals! Wendy Shipley

Julie Burkhalter

From Stafford, Tx

Thank you so much Yvette and Cynthia!!!! You two and the rest of your staff are fabulous!! I enjoyed the classes, learned a lot, made new friends!! PHES is so helpful!! I just can't thank you enough!!! God Bless, Julie

Jacqueline Carey

From Clear Lake, Texas

I've been out of the work force for four years and during this time I moved to Texas. I was very concerned over the Texas Board Of Nursing mandate that when out of the work force four years one must take a refresher course. From the day I registered until the day I completed the PHES refresher course I felt as though I had a mentor by my side. Every single person I came in contact with was extremely kind, understanding and helpful. The classwork is relevant and I almost didn't want the classroom work to end. Even as I have finished the PHES Refresher course Ms. Cheeks sent out a letter informing us that the Texas BON has received our documents from PHES and also if need be we can use her as a reference moving forward. PHES exceeded my expectations and I recommend this program to anyone needing guidance ...Absolutely wonderful people and program.....

Alishia Yerganian

From Lewisville, TX

The staff of PHES were very friendly & helpful!They were always available to answer any questions I had, & worked very hard to resolve any issues that arose during the course of finishing the nurse refresher program. Despite how many hoops I had to jump through to accommodate The BON, PHES was so very organized from the beginning, that it made it really easy to get through the course! The staff went out of their way to accommodate all of my needs! I would recommend this program to anyone needing to go through a nurse refresher program. There didn't seem to be any question about this process that they didn't already know the answer to! Their experience with this process shows in the organized step by step instructions! If you are looking to get back into nursing, this is definitely a good way to go!

Mary Carter

From Portland, TX

Yvette, thank you so much for doing what you do! You, Cynthia and your whole staff are so kind, reassuring and helpful. Your program gently guided me through the entire RN Refresher process and took away the anxiety of it all by your professionalism, humor, and genuineness. I really appreciate and am very impressed with the number of clinical opportunities you were able to provide. They were all very valuable experiences. The staff at each facility encouraged me to apply for employment. I wished I lived closer! Thank you again for your guidance. God bless you and your work!

Donna Dennis

From Katy, TX

I feel very fortunate to have found PHES. I had been out of the nursing profession for 18 years and had been an accountant during that time. PHES gave me a clear understanding of the changes that had occurred in the health field and nursing during that time. They provided a great review of the nursing essentials (assessment, medication administration, pharmacology, skills lab, and nursing jurisprudence and ethics) and worked hard to make sure that I had an opportunity to experience nursing in a variety of clinical settings. PHES provided all of the above and more in a low pressure environment that was focused on supporting and helping each student build their confidence and skills. All of the PHES staff, from the instructors to administrative staff are friendly, supportive, professional and efficient. I highly recommend this program to any nurse (LVN or RN) who is considering re-entry into healthcare or is required to take a refresher course to get their Texas license.


From Dallas

The experience i had with PHES was so great the FENS program was so helpful in preparing me to be RN in US. I like to thank ms YVETTE and MS CYNTHIA for helping me every step of the way

Christine Crookshanks

From Katy, TX

I am thankful to have found PHES through a friend of mine who also went through the program. As a mother of three who took 10yrs off to raise my children, this program helped me regain the skills and confidence to rejoin the nursing workforce once more. I enjoyed learning from Mrs. Cheeks, who was both comical and wise from a lifetime of experience. I especially appreciated her straightforward, honest, yet warm approach that encouraged me get my head back in the game!

Jessy s Devasia

From sugarland, Houston

As a foreign nurse, PHES has helped me a lot to gain experience and knowledge about the TX hospital system. The administrative staff was very understanding, helpful and supportive. Through the combined sessions of lectures and clinical settings, the FENS course truly prepared me to start my career as a RN in the US. I also would like to personally thank my instructor, Ms Y.vette Cheeks, who has helped me a great deal from the beginning of this course till the end. I would recommend the FENS course by PHES to everyone who needs a jump start to their medical careers. Thank you PHES!

Jasmine P

From Houston

I finally received my Texas RN license (on my birthday!). There was just a delay because the BON still required me to get a verification of license from the Philippines despite being a case for endorsement with an active license from California. I just want to take this time to thank you for all of your help. The FENS refresher program really helped me jump start my nursing career with so much confidence.The FENS refresher program helped me so much not only career wise but I also gained some friends for keeps. I am happy to say that I am currently on my week 3 of orientation at Kindred Medical Center working at the pre/post transplant unit. The topics discussed during the course were very helpful and up to date. During my days off, I find myself reviewing all of the materials that I had from my refresher course. I will always be grateful to PHES. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you so much PHES!


From Arlington

I really thank God for PHES program for FENS. The program went smoothly for me,in a conducive environment,with instructors who are ready to help you achieve your goal,and also prepare you to handle the challenges in Nursing. Thank you Ms. Yvette,thank Ms. Cynthia. God bless PHES!

Bright O

From Dallas TX

Thanks to PHES for their support in helping me learn new things as a foreign Nurse. Their Clinical settings really prepare FENS to the American standard. In class too, is great when you have a good instructors like Miss Yvette and Miss Linda. Thank you PHES.

Abby B

From Los Angeles, CA

I had fly to Texas for the nurse refresher. I was very anxious because i didnt know anyone. I stayed in a hotel and rented a car. I felt so alone and isolated. I went to class the next day. The staff were accomodating, students were all nice and i was able to make a couple of friends. I learned a lot and gained my confidence back. A story to share....on my flight back to LA, one of the passenger's O2 level dropped to 46 with unknown reason. I was the only medical personnel on board but it didn't scare me. I was able to help the patient confidently and competently. Thank you PhES!

Zalifah (zee)

From Houston

I had trying hard to be exempted from taking the RN Refresher Course; I had called the Texas BON many times, asking them if I can be exempted based on my education background. I thought the course would be a waste of time and money, until the Texas BON finally re-confirmed that I still have to take it. I had reviewed and contacted some of the refresher course providers and was not so happy with what they offer. My opinion regarding this course changed the moment I talked to Ms Yvette. Her words are magical, promising, and assuring.I enrolled in the program just a few days before it started. The PHES team is the best; they are friendly yet professional. They guided me throughout the process from the beginning until I received my license. I enjoyed every moment of the process. Thank you very much to PHES crew for being a part of my journey of becoming an RN in the US! Thank you also for making the journey more meaningful and fun!

Angelita Lopez

From Houston, Texas

Hello Yvette, Just wanted to thank you again for your support and understanding on my trekto complete the RN refresher course. Thank you so much for taking on the extra task in locating a NICU that would accept me for my clinical training.East Houston Regional Hospital NICU II helped me to realize that my dream to go back into neonatal nursing could become reality. I'm happy to inform you that I was offered a position at Woman's Hospital in the level 2 NICU. After orientation, I'll be starting full time on night shift; a stepping stone towards my ultimate goal of having a role in parent education and discharge planning. Your refresher students need to know that although they have been out for awhile, don't be discouraged and keep trying for the position they truly want. My 15 year absence from hospital nursing did not overwhelm the interview and emphasis was placed on my 20 years of NICU II experience instead. Go in with a positive attitude, a lot of self confidence, and don't forget to smile! Good luck to all your new refresher students! I can never thank you enough for helping me to get my foot in the door! Sincerely, Angelita Lopez

Flo Rose

From Houston, Texas

I would like to say how the classes I have taken with you were such a pleasant experience. After receiving BON stipulations I was stressed and filled with self-doubt and anxiety. I had to travel quite a way to your facility and stay in a hotel. I must say that you and your staff went above and beyond to make this process easy and efficient. The warmth and professional in class (2 things that rarely travel together) made me comfortable. At no time did I feel condescended to or looked down upon for having stipulations. You provided excellent advice beyond the class subject and reminded me that I am skilled and valuable as a nurse. I say again, Thank you and God Bless you. Keep it up as you are making a big difference in the lives of others. Sincerely, Flo Rose


From Clear Lake

Thanks PHES for your professionalism, advice, and mentoring me back into the workforce. I not only secured a great job I am returning to school too! Yvette you rock!

Susan Ballentine

From The Woodlands

I was so happy to find PHES when I was ready to do my nurse refresher course. I feel like they are an answer to a prayer. They used their expertise and professionalism to bridge a long gap in my career.The open door policy and genuine willingness to relieve re-entry anxiety by answering questions, helping with clinics, while supporting your quest has been an immeasurable experience.

Robin Callahan

From Sugar Land, TX

I am so grateful I found this program! I am an RN and took 10 years off to stay at home with my 5 children. I felt very intimidated to get back into my career again. The classes and videos were a great review and meeting other nurses in my class were a great support. Yvette, Cynthia and the whole team were supportive and wonderful to work with. I was set up with clinicals at Kindred and West Houston Medical Center and really enjoyed getting back into med-surg nursing again. The preceptors were very supportive of my role. After a month of finishing clinicals, I went to a nurse recruitment job fair at West Houston and was offered a job on their telemetry unit. I am currently on orientation there and am so happy and thankful for this opportunity. I am so thankful this program was available to me and I can jump back into nursing again!! I would highly recommend this program to any nurse looking to get back in! Thank you PHES!

Blondel Walters

From Richmond, Texas

After searching the web for a BON accredited Vocational Nursing Refresher Program, I found PHES! I appreciate Yvette, Cynthia and the entire PHES staff for making my transition...painless!" I enjoyed my internships @ both Lexington Place and Kindred Hospital TMC, they were truly learning experiences. I highly recommend PHES program to nurses out of practice for awhile and are now searching for a Refresher Program. Thank you Yvette and Cynthia for your patience, guidance and professionalism!