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Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. (PHES) and its affiliate, The IMU Southwest Clinic (IMU), provides employer and employee solutions for a secure drug test in Houston

We know that drug abuse can seriously compromise the stability of any workplace. At our vaccine clinic Houston, PHES Clinic offers a full line of drug testing in Houston services for pre-employment, random, post accident, and probable cause situations. The law has proven that this type of drug test in Houston can provide the critical information needed to make confident and informed decisions about prospective and current employees or liable circumstances.

As an employee, we understand the importance of being treated with respect and dignity. With PHES/IMU your drug test in Houston will be provided with respect and most importantly, accuracy. A drug test in Houston is one of the most effective and proven methods for detecting when you may or may not have the right fit for your organization. With PHES/IMU you have direct access to a professional drug test Houston facility that empowers you to take control of your hiring and employment decisions.

Professional Healthcare Education Service and IMU Southwest provides a full line of drug test Houston options, Houston immunizations, even a TB skin test in Houston. For our drug test in Houston protocols, we make sure that alcohol tests, laboratory testing and data collecting procedures are accurately performed for private businesses, health care facilities, criminal justice, government agencies, and drug rehabilitation facilities.

PHES & IMU Quality Staff Members are Dedicated to Providing Important Standards for Your Drug Test in Houston

As a leading vaccine clinic Houston and provider of drug test in Houston services, PHES/IMU's experienced staff is dedicated to answering your questions and concerns and providing you with solutions designed to make your occupational drug test programs more effective. For rapid and accurate managed drug test Houston results, we know that providing outstanding customer service and high quality standards is required. If you need an accurate and legal drug test in Houston, PHES/IMU is the company you can count on to stand behind its work.

PHES/IMU can provide your organization with a workplace program that fits your specific needs for drug test Houston requirements and make recommendations on which type of drug tests would best serve you. If you are considering establishing a drug-free workplace program, we can help assist you maintain a successful program.


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Contact PHES for Accurate Results from a Pre-Employment or Random Drug Test in Houston

[Posted on Aug 20]

If you are looking for a facility that can provide you with an accurate Drug test in Houston, you can contact PHES. We offer drug testing for pre-employment, post-accident and random testing needs. We can ensure that you receive the most accurate results from your tests and offer testing for a number of illicit and recreational drugs. If you are an employer who wants to ensure that your business is free from those using recreational drugs, we can ensure that you receive the testing you require and that your results are as accurate as possible.

In addition to drug testing, we offer a number of vaccinations. If you have a child who is beginning school, there are certain immunizations that may be required before your child will be admitted. We can ensure that all immunization requirements are met for school, work and travel. Many people travel out of the country to areas that are prone to certain diseases. If you are traveling to another country, we can provide you with information about what diseases you may be exposed to in that area and what vaccinations you need to have before your travels begin. We offer immunizations for work related issues as well that protect against diseases that you may encounter while on the job.

Our Houston nursing school can meet a number of needs. Whether you are looking to have drug testing done on employees, want to learn more about our vaccinations or you are a nurse who has taken an extended leave of absence and are looking for a refresher course, we can help. We provide information about all of the drug testing and immunizations that we provide and can help you to better understand these things and why you may need them. If you are a nurse who is looking for continued education to get back into the workforce, we can help you to gain the education that you need to be ready to once again offer quality healthcare to your patients.

PHES offers a number of nursing and community services and can help you with drug testing for your workplace, immunizations for work, school or travel and a number of other needs. Feel free to read more about any of the services that we offer by visiting our website at Alternatively, you can call us toll-free at 877-313-7437 or email us at at any time.

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