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Drug Test Houston

For the Most Accurate Results from a Drug Test Houston Employers Trust PHES

[Posted on May 21]

For the most accurate results from a drug test, Houston employers call on PHES. We understand that you need accuracy when testing employees or potential employees for recreational drug use. We provide the most accurate testing in the region and offer tests for a number of drugs. We can provide you with drug testing for pre-employment, random employee testing, post-accident issues and probable cause situations. Whatever your needs, we will ensure that you receive a quality and accurate drug test. We offer a variety of services to those in the Houston area from drug testing to immunizations for a number of needs.

Our Houston immunizations cover those needed for school entry as well as employment and travel to foreign countries. If you are unsure of what immunizations you need or you simply want to learn more about these vaccines, we can provide you with information that tells you what the immunizations protect against and who should have them. For those traveling out of the country we offer information about the risk of disease in certain areas of the world and what vaccines can protect you while you are traveling. We can ensure that you are prepared to meet the requirements of employment as well as entry into schools and universities both public and private.

We are a Houston nursing school that offers drug testing, immunizations and refresher courses for nurses who have been on extended leaves of absence. Our refresher courses are designed to meet the educational needs of nurses who have been away from their field of practice and are ready to return to the workforce. For those needing accurate drug testing for employees, we will ensure that the tests are done properly and that you receive the most accurate results possible. We can help you to test your employees for a variety of different drugs. For those looking for employment, we can administer a drug test to show that you are clean from recreational drug use.

Houston businesses count on us to provide them with drug testing that is professional and accurate. Whether you are an employee vying for a job, an employer who wants to keep your workplace clean or have other needs for drug testing, we can meet all of your requirements. We offer the drug testing services Houston can count on. You can read more about any of the services that we offer by visiting our website at Alternatively, you can call us toll-free at 877-313-7437 or email us at at any time.


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Posted by Yvette on 5/21/2014