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[Posted on Jan 02]

Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. or PHES provides a variety of services to Houston residents, employers and medical professionals. For those looking for immunizations for school requirements, work or travel, we can provide you with the immunizations Houston needs for a number of reasons. We offer vaccinations that give you peace of mind and meet state and local requirements. Whether you are looking to fulfill requirements for school entry, need vaccinations for an employer or you are planning to travel and want to ensure that your trip is safe and that you remain healthy, we can help you to get the vaccinations that you need.

We are a professional Houston nursing school that offers immunizations as well as drug testing, TB skin testing and nursing refresher courses. We offer a number of protective vaccines that will enable you to keep yourself and your family healthy. Vaccinations, whether for school, work or travel, are important to your overall good health. Keeping diseases at bay will help you to enjoy a longer and happier life. we offer the specific vaccinations that you need to protect yourself when traveling to foreign countries or simply to enjoy good health throughout your daily life.

If you need Houston immunizations, we are here to help. While many doctors’ offices are reluctant to keep a number of vaccinations on hand because of high cost, we can provide you with virtually any immunization that you need for a number of reasons. We also offer nurse refresher courses for nurses who have been absent from the workforce and want to resume their careers. Our courses are approved by the Texas Board of Nursing to give you the training and education needed to confidently re-enter a clinical environment and learn new techniques and treatments that may have been introduced while you were absent from nursing.

Whether you are looking to further your nursing career or re-enter the workforce after a leave of absence, need to have a drug test done for employment or other purposes or you need vaccinations for work, school or travel requirements, PHES is here for you. We offer a variety of services that are designed to help you to live a healthier life and can give you more information about a number of immunizations.  Feel free to continue to browse our website to learn more or contact us directly at PHES with any questions about the vaccinations that you need.


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Posted by Yvette on 1/2/2014