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Prepare Yourself for a Brighter Nursing Future with a Nurse Refresher Course from PHES

[Posted on June 04]

There are many reasons why you may consider taking a nurse refresher course. Perhaps you have been out of the workforce for quite some time and you simply want to ensure that you are ready to re-enter your field. You may be thinking about your career future and want to gain additional education to help you to climb the nursing career ladder. Whatever your reasons, PHES can help you to gain the education that you need. We offer a number of nurse refresher courses that are designed to bring you up to speed on the latest treatment options and technologies and help you to prepare for a brighter future in nursing.

We offer an RN refresher course that will give you an edge when furthering your career. All of our courses are taught by licensed nurses and our curriculum is approved by the Texas Board of Nursing. Our refresher courses will prepare you for re-entry into the workforce after an extended absence by teaching you how to effectively deal with all aspects of patient care. Our courses are designed to give you a renewed level of comfort in a clinical environment and provide you with information about any new procedures that may have been introduced while you were away.

PHES is a Houston nursing school that was founded by two registered nurses with more than 25 years of experience in home health, administration, critical care, education and medical nursing. Our classes include a review of the nursing field in general as well as classes on anatomy and physiology, medication administration, nursing ethics and jurisprudence, pharmacology, physical assessment and other skills. You will gain the knowledge and confidence that you need to get back into your field and help yourself to advance. Our instructors are here to help you every step of the way and will ensure that you are completely prepared for your re-entry into the nursing field.

Whether you have been absent from nursing for an extended period of time or you simply want to refresh your skills to prepare for advancement in your field, we are here to provide you with the education that you need for your nursing career. PHES is a trusted nursing school with state approved courses that are designed to help you to become a better nurse. Feel free to browse the remainder of our website to learn more about our courses or contact us directly at PHES for more information today. 

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Posted by Yvette on 6/4/2014