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When You Need a Nursing School in Houston for Refresher Courses, Come to PHES

[Posted on Feb 20]

If you need additional training to further your nursing career, you can find it at PHES. PHES is a nursing school in Houston that provides the classes needed to advance your nursing career. Those who have been out of the medical practice for a time and need a refresher course can find what they need at PHES as well. We offer additional training over a few short weeks that will prepare you to reenter the workforce in a clinical setting. Topics of lecture at PHES including IV Therapy certification, medical ethics, wound care, charting, medical terminology, pain management, diagnostic methods and a number of others. Whether you need to regain your skills or you simply need additional training, PHES offers the courses that will help you to meet your career goals.

A nurse refresher course from PHES will allow you to once again become comfortable in a clinical setting as well as acquaint you with any new technologies or procedures that have been introduced during your absence from the field. You can refresh your nursing skills and ensure that you are completely ready to reenter the workforce or seek new employment in the nursing field. The course curriculum from PHES covers the role of nursing in a clinical setting today including clinical rotations and labs.

Whether you need an RN refresher course or LVN, we provide you with the coursework and certification needed to reenter the workforce with confidence in your nursing abilities. Our course instructors are licensed and practicing RNs who hold particular expertise in their practice areas. They are all members of the Texas Nurses Association as well as the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. We offer a variety of methods to ensure that you meet all of your educational requirements. We offer monthly courses in the Houston area as well as courses throughout the year in San Antonio, Texarkana and Dallas/Plano.

If you want to further your nursing career or prepare yourself to reenter a field from which you have been absent, PHES offers a number of options to help you. Some of our students are eligible for an RN refresher course through correspondence and we offer approved Remediation courses that are Texas, Louisiana and California Board of Nursing approved. Feel free to browse our website to learn more or contact us at PHES with any questions that you may have. We have the courses that you need to reach your career goals.


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Posted by Yvette on 2/20/2014