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Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. (PHES) offers a nursing school in Houston for all your refresher courses

Whether you are returning to a career as a nurse or need additional training, updating or adding to your skill set at the PHES nursing school in Houston we will provide a number of benefits. Unlike other jobs, which may require another degree of some sort to advance, a LVN or RN can take an RN refresher course or LVN refresher course at our nursing school in Houston and be able to advance their career to new heights. In fact, when you successfully complete the few short weeks of training, you will immediately be able to put your new skills to use.

Every nurse working in the field knows that certification opens up far more job opportunities. It's important to make sure you get your training from a reputable institute. Courses at our PHES nursing school in Houston are not only backed up by a long list of client referrals, but the state of Texas board of nursing has approved the core curriculum topics. That means our Houston nursing school will get you back to work satisfied you have the competency to apply your skills safely and at ease.

Lecture topics at our nursing school in Houston include IV Therapy certification, medication administration, diagnostic methods, pain management, medical ethics, nutrition, wound care, charting and documentation, medical terminology. When you begin coursework at the PHES nursing school in Houston, it is important to know your grade will be calculated as 25 percent clinical experience, 25 percent class participation, 25 percent take home quizzes, 20 percent case study presentation and 5 percent attendance at all required courses. The PHES course curriculum covers the role of a nurse in today's clinical setting, clinical rotations and skills labs.

Professional Healthcare Education Services Nursing School in Houston will Help you Prepare for Career Demands

If you work in the medical field or are trying to return, you know that the need for quality healthcare professionals has been amplified. There is an emergent requisite for qualified nurses to care for patients. At our PHES nursing school in Houston we know that by re-educating experienced nurses it will lead to an increase in the number of available bedside nurses and ease the critical nursing shortage in the state of Texas.

No matter what your skill level or if you need to learn new or additional skills, the PHES nursing school in Houston has all you need to advance your career. Call us today to discuss how we can help you.

Featured Article:

PHES Is a Nursing School in Houston that Provides Quality Education

[Posted on Aug 06]

If you are a nurse who has taken a leave of absence and been gone from your career field for quite some time, PHES is a Nursing school in Houston that can ensure you are ready to return. We offer refresher courses that are designed to teach you about any technologies or treatment options that were introduced during your absence. Our courses have helped many nurses to successfully and confidently return to their chosen careers. We are a nursing school that was founded by two licensed nurses who have more than 25 years of experience in home health, education, administration, critical care and medical nursing.

When you successfully complete our refresher course, you will be given a certificate of completion as well as 20 hours of continued education. You will also be ready to once again provide your patients with the best in medical care. Our courses are designed to help you to confidently re-enter the workforce. Studies begin at home through DVD instruction. Once this portion of your refresher is completed you will move on to a classroom and lecture setting. Once your lab work is completed, you will move to work in a clinical setting under direct supervision of a licensed nurse.

We offer two different locations for your Nurse refresher course practicum; the Windsong Nursing and Rehab Facility in Pearland, TX and the Grace Care Nursing Home in Katy, TX. Our refresher courses are limited to just 20 nurses per class so that each student can have valuable one on one time with their instructor. This helps to ensure that you receive the education and re-training that you need to hone your skills and deliver quality nursing care. Our courses are designed to update you on any procedures that you will perform during your nursing duties and to prepare you for licensure.

If you have been away from nursing and are once again ready to treat patients in a clinical setting, PHES can help you to get there. We offer the refresher courses you need to hone your nursing abilities and confidently re-enter your chosen career field. We can help you to get your nursing career back on track. You can read more about the benefits of our nurse refresher courses by visiting our website at You are also welcome to call us toll-free at any time by dialing 877-313-7437 toll free or you can email us at at any time.


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