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Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. (PHES)/ IMU Southwest is the Vaccine Clinic in Houston You Need to Visit to Help Stop Infectious Diseases

If you are traveling internationally, you want to bring back memories, photos, even souvenirs, but not diseases! Our vaccine clinic in Houston upholds the health department's mission to promote the health of our community via prevention and preparedness for a healthier tomorrow by providing a Houston immunizations service that protects residents and visitors from preventable diseases.

Our Goals as a Vaccine Clinic in Houston are to:

  • Control/eliminate vaccine preventable diseases by providing immunizations in Houston
  • Provide quality information and guidance about vaccine preventable diseases
  • Provide education to parents or guardians on the importance of vaccines for adults and their children
  • Provide consultative screening of your history health records to give you sound advice on what vaccines you may need

The vaccine clinic in Houston provided by PHES /IMU brings together a team of experienced workers in the field of childhood and adult immunizations, infectious diseases, research and other related specialties. Our vaccine clinic in Houston offers a variety of vaccines for children, adults, and travelers.

Travel Consulting with the PHES Vaccine Clinic in Houston is a Smart Choice

Before you do any international traveling, a visit to PHES vaccine clinic in Houston can help you learn about the medications, travel health care and/or travel shots you may need to prevent illnesses, and even worse, infectious disease, as you travel abroad. Even if you think your destination is safe, remember that illnesses and disease can, and do, happen.

The PHES staff will assess the risks for your particular travel, discuss precautions to avoid those risks, and provide you with the appropriate Houston immunizations to help you have a healthy and safe journey. We want to educate you on the possible risks you should consider while traveling such as:

  • Illnesses spread by insects or animals (Malaria, Yellow Fever, Rabies)
  • Illnesses caused by contaminated food or water (Hepatitis A, Typhoid)
  • Updates on epidemics

So, the next time you are ready to venture out on a journey abroad, make sure you travel to the PHES vaccine clinic in Houston first.

Featured Article:

PHES is Your One-Stop Vaccine Clinic in Houston

[Posted on Sep 19]

When traveling, there are a number of plans that you will need to make. You have to make airline reservations, plan your hotel accommodations and check to ensure that you are up to date on all of your vaccines. This last part is where most people fall short. Many do not realize that vaccinations can help to protect you when you are traveling overseas. If you are planning a trip abroad and need to ensure that you are going to be safe while you are gone, you can visit PHES to get more information on the vaccinations that you may need. At our vaccine clinic in Houston, we can give you more information about vaccinations that you may need and ensure that you are ready for your trip.

We offer a number of Houston immunizations that will help to protect you while traveling. We work to provide you with timely information and guidance on which vaccinations you will need when traveling as well as education to parents of school aged children. We can provide you with a screening of your health records and advise you on what specific vaccinations you may need. Whether you are planning a trip overseas, getting your child ready for school or simply need certain immunizations for employment, PHES can help you to get the vaccines that you need and ensure that you understand the need for these immunizations.

We are a Houston nursing school that offers vaccinations, drug testing and nurse refresher courses for those who have been away from the clinical workplace for a lengthy period and are ready to get back to work. We can assess your risks for travel to specific regions of the world and discuss the vaccinations that you may need prior to visiting these locations. These vaccinations will ensure that you remain healthy on your trip and after you return home. If you need vaccinations for school or work, we can ensure that you receive the immunizations required for your needs.

If you are a nurse who wants to further your career or you have been out of the workforce and need a bit of retraining, PHES offers a number of refresher courses to help you to prepare to re-enter the workforce in a clinical setting. Feel free to continue to browse our website to learn more about our vaccinations, drug testing or nurse refresher courses or contact us at PHES today for more information.

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